Photos of the Seattle Thread Company Remodeling Project

The remodel project for STC has come a long way.  This set of photos will take you through the process since we got the keys.  Annotations are below each photo.


The Original Space


An empty canvas



 Here is what the space looked like before we started - notice the random wall partitions. Feng Shui gone wrong?



Plenty of light



The dressing "room" partitions from the previous tenant, a consignment women's clothing store.



Demolition, Framing and Drywalling 

We hired Patrick H. Boden Construction for the project.  They do great, quality work and it has been a pleasure working with Patrick and his crew.  We made a plan, and started execution.  Teardown involved removing various partitions and adding a few new ones.





Construction is underway




The 2x4's are here, time for Don to start carpentry for the Merchandising walls aka Merch walls.



The door to the back of the shop is in.



Merchandise Wall Construction, Painting, and Flooring


The merch walls are coming together, and the painting begins.



The dressing rooms are starting to come together.  The flooring is in.




Most of the painting is done at this point, with trim and lighting remaining.



The merch walls are nearly complete



A bit of wallpaper never hurt anyone


Thanks for taking a look!  Our Grand Opening Weekend is on April 4, 6, and 7.  Please stop by and take a look at the shop and stay for refreshments and entertainment!


Seattle Thread Company Grand Opening Weekend - Eventbrite Invitation



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