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Tailored Clothing



  • Brand
  • Fabric
  • Style & Silhouette
  • Detailing & Trim


  • Measurements
  • Fit Preferences
  • Try-Ons

Order Placement

  • Deposit Paid
  • Order Placed with Manufacturer
  • Order Confirmation


  • Manufacturing Facility Creates Custom Patterns
  • Chosen Fabrics are Cut & Assembled
  • Garment is Finished & Shipped


  • 2-3 Week Turnaround from Order to Delivery
  • Customer Fitting Scheduled
  • Final Adjustments
  • Sale Completion

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied we will provide a full refund

Price Range

The brand, fabric, and garment type will be the main components for the total cost. A 2-piece suit from S. Cohen for example will range in price from $750 - $1250


The Design Process


We currently work with two manufacturers for our custom manufacturing options - S. Cohen and Hickey Freeman. S. Cohen manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, and Hickey Freeman is located in the United States. Each manufacturer offers their own fabrics, fits, styles, and unique features.


The majority of the fabrics that we use for custom manufacturing are premium Italian milled wool cloth. The fabric of a garment is the main component for the cost.

Details & Trim

There are many details that can be customized for your tailored clothing. For a jacket you can choose custom lining, buttons, stitching, pocket style, ticket pocket and more. For pants the button and pocket style can be customized, and we can even include suspender buttons rather than belt loops.