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Karan P.

I have never had a shopping experience quite like Seattle Thread Company. Getting a custom made suit as well as shirt was one of the most amazing experience. Yakov and Konstantin's attention to all details made the whole process really easy. Everything fit perfect and the fabric is amazing. Will definitely be getting more things made here until the future.

Custom Manufacturing

We are partnered with a state of the art manufacturing facility that can create made to measure tailored clothing from scratch to our exact specifications. The items we can produce include Sport Coats, Suits, Pants, Vests, Dress Shirts, and Overcoats.

An Order from Start to Finish

• Fabric
• Style & Silhouette
• Detailing & Trim

• Measurements
• Fit Preferences
• Try-Ons

• Deposit Paid
• Order Placed with Manufacturer
• Order Confirmation

• Manufacturing Facility Creates Custom Patterns
• Chosen Fabrics are Cut & Assembled
• Garment is Finished & Shipped

• 4-6 Week Turnaround from Order to Delivery
• Customer Fitting Scheduled
• Final Adjustments
• Sale Completion

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not entirely satisfied we will provide a full refund

The Design Process

Customers will get our professional advice on the style, fit, and construction of their garments. All information and measurements taken are entered into a Customer Profile for simple and fast subsequent orders.


The majority of the fabrics that we use for custom manufacturing are premium Italian milled wool cloth. The fabric of a garment is the main component for the cost.

Details & Trim

There are many details that can be customized for your tailored clothing. For a jacket you can choose the internal construction style, lapel style, buttons, sleeve detailing, buttonhole color and stitching, pic stitching, pocket style, ticket pocket, custom lining, and more. For pants the button, closure, internal construction, and pocket styles can be customized, and we can even include suspender buttons rather than belt loops.

Price Ranges

The fabric chosen determines the total cost for a custom order. Each fabric folder in our selection has a label showing the cost to manufacture an item such as a sport coat or a suit.

Custom Suit Fabrics

suit fabrics

The price for a made to measure 2-piece suit starts at $845. Most fabrics will range from $900 - $1,400, while premium fabrics such as Drago Lanificio in Biella mill cloth may go up to $2,600. A standard high quality wool from a great cloth mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $1,100 for a 2-piece. 

Sport Coat - A sport coat or blazer will range from $645 - $985, and some premium fabric ranges will go up to $1,060. A standard wool cloth sport coat from a mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $745.

A separate vest order will range from $195 - $385, and separate pants and jeans will range from $215 - $335.

There are many folders and fabric collections to choose from, below we have provided just a few example folders:


Series 2-Piece Suit 3-Piece Suit Sport Coat
C6 Series Derby Performance Cornerstone (Click to View) $845 $1,015 $645
C6 Series Derby Performance Sport Coats (Click to View) - - $645
C9 Series Derby Performance Luxe Suitings Super 130's (Click to View) $945 $1,125 $745
K1 Series Kensington Super 120's (Click to View) $1,035 $1,250 $835
K4 Series Kensington Super 130's (Click to View) $1,085 $1,345 $885

Custom Shirt Fabrics

A dress shirt will range $165 to $275 for most dress shirting fabric folders.

There are many shirting folders and collections to choose from for both dress shirts and more casual buttoned shirts, below we have provided a few example folders:


Series Dress Shirt
D5 Series Derby Performance Shirtings (Click to View) $165
P3 Series Puro White & Blue Shirtings (Click to View) $185

Items to Note

The design and fitting will depend on the article and the details -- about 30 minutes for a shirt and 1 hour for a suit.

Please bring your existing articles of clothing with you to help with the fit of your new custom article. Even if they no longer fit well, it all helps with your fit interview and adds to our data points.

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