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The Orbitkey is an innovative design that will simplify your daily carry!  It organized your keys into a neat stack that is accessed simliary to a swiss army knife.  Eliminate key jiggle noise form your life and avoid scratches to your smartphone screen!  The well-engineered and award-winning mechanism will not come undone easily and can be adjusted for different tension levels.  Add the multitool and USB accessories for even more functionality.


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Orbitkey Nylon Key Holder and Organizer


  Stride through your day knowing your keys are kept in a neat and versatile stack. The nylon Key Organiser holds between 2-7 keys in a sleek and subtle profile,...
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Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Key Holder and Organizer


Just a little fancy, for the discerning; the sophisticated type. Crafted using a unique mix of hand-crafted and highly precise automated processes, the leather embodies true elegance; with beauty that...
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Orbitkey Reinvented Easy Open Keyring



The key ring, reinvented. No more broken fingernails. Fits up to 10 keys. Made with high strength stainless steel and polymer. Use on its own, or with an Orbitkey Key...
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Orbitkey 2.0 Active Key Holder and Organizer


The most functional, for the sporty type. The band is made from durable and dust resistant TPU polymer. Whether it's rain, snow or sunshine, it will always have your back...
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Orbitkey Multitool v2 and Bottle Opener


9 tools in 1 slim profile. Box cutter, bottle opener, pry bar, flat-head screwdriver, PH2 phillips-head screwdriver, letter opener, metric ruler, imperial ruler, and coarse file. Designed to fit in...
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Orbitkey Bottle Opener


A slim and durbale bottle opener that you can carry with you anywhere.   Note: Orbitkey is not included. Slim profile Durable & lightweight Orbitkey compatible Open bottles anywhere
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