What's in a Name?

Seattle Thread Company -- STC.  Why name our shop this way, especially since the location is in Kirkland, Washington? 


Local and Global

Because we want to be local, and we want to be global at the same time.  With STC we pay homage to the Pacific Northwest and we make sure that no matter where our customers and business partners are located, they will know where to find the heart and HQ of our company.  Just by the name.  In today's post-industrial age where products are typically mass-produced generic commodities, people seek out quality goods with character.  Local goods.  Domestic goods.  Far-off goods.  Ethical, well-crafted goods that speak volumes of the makers and of the buyers.  Just by the name, we have ensured that STC's dna will always be firmly rooted in Seattle.  This particular business is all about community.


This is Kirkland, not Seattle

STC is a novel retail concept store, born out of neccesity and demand.  Kirkland is where we break ground with our first brick+mortar location.   The City of Kirkland is a distinct community, very close to Seattle as the bird flies but nevertheless a world away.  Yet we could not reference Kirkland in our company name, since it would be lost to anyone outside of Seattle.  We needed a name recognizable in Berlin and Tokyo and Moscow.  We needed a name for the online world and the global world, and only Seattle would do.


Threading the Needle

Do we sell clothing, or do we sell Thread?  Or do we craft multi-threaded computer applications?  We sell threads, as in clothing.  It's hip, it's slang, it's fresh.  Without its thread a garment is nothing.  The thread binds it, gives it form and function.  The thread holds the cloth together through many years of use.  It's important.


Charlie Company

There are a lot of brands and stores out there named after people.  We wanted to be different - more practical, more utilitarian, more geographically defined.  We wanted it to be about more than just a designer or a founder, we want it to be about the place and the people that this business serves and dresses.  We are Seattle Thread Company.





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