Spring 2016 Men's Fashion Trends

Spring 2016 menswear trends are a combination of bringing back old styles, and on the other hand even combining cultures. The retro statement is being made in silhouettes such as bowling shirts and tapered trousers. This old look is created to look more modern yet still dating back to the 50s. The bowling shirt is a unfitted collared shirt with a bold pattern, or large stripes down the front.

Jackets and shirts will be seen in large statement prints, including botanical scenes, and even fruits. 

Stripes have always been a staple in wardrobes but now it is making its appearance in suits. These stripes are larger and refined making the strip a bold statement. 

It may not be for everyone but the male jumpsuit is a choice of the future. This is a bold fashion statement and paired with a t-shirt under the jumpsuit.These jumpsuits are either buttoned down or a zipper is run down the front.

Designers are always changing the game of fashion and for this spring they are combining the cultures of Japan and China. Bringing out the heritage that is found in both of these cultures and making a new culture.

This spring men can expect some of their pant choices to be wider allowing for more room. The leg itself of the pant is going to be wide right down to the cuff creating almost a flare.

Fashion can be pulled from everything, and there was inspiration found in racing cars. You will be seeing some fashion items such as sweaters and jackets that incorporate these ideas.

For spring 2016 you can imagine that the fashion ideas are being pulled from inspiration that will allow for different patterns and looks, being able to create the fashion statement that is just right for you.

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