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Trends and Tips for Fall 2015

Summer is coming to a close which means that the sunny weather and beach days are coming to an end, and it is time to transition for fall colors and layers.

Designers have already created their new looks and designs to make sure this fall is stylish. One thing that we strive for in the fall is being warm, currently styles are helping by the return of the turtleneck. Pair with a suit to make the look complete. If you want to be more casual you can pair it with a blazer or jacket. 

Layering is essential in the fall, double outerwear will allow for warmth but also a style. Pair a shorter coat with a longer one to make your layers interesting.

Black is always a staple in wardrobe, but on the runway this year brands were making it pop. Color is a thing of the past for men's fashion this season, creating a dark mood. Shades of green is also creating headlines, the signature army green is a must.

This may be a colorless fall but to keep it interesting prints are being bold and and making a statement. Runways are showing full prints, in terms of the same print on the top and the bottom. Don't let this hold you back however you can still mix up your prints if the full prints is not for you.

Not only is pattern making a statement but so is velvet, you can rock this material in either a full suit or one item at a time being either pants or a jacket.

Nothing screams fall more than a scarf, long scarfs can be both a fashion statement but also keep you warm.

Khaki is now the go to suit color for fall, being it is a neutral color you are able to pair it with many different patterns.

With these tips and fashion ideas you are ready to stock up on fall 2015 necessities for your wardrobe.

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