Rodd & Gunn - About the Brand

Rodd & Gunn first started in 1946 in New Zealand, its first trademark and only logo to this day was an English Pointer displayed on their boutique shirts. The brand became fully established in 1987 when they proudly opened their first store in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rodd & Gunn goes hand in hand with quality. This brand has a mission to give you a long clothing life, even to last a lifetime. In order to accomplish this they have mastered creating classic garments drawing inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of New Zealand. Not only is this brand popular in New Zealand but also internationally. Creating a customer base from travelers who discover a liking for the brand while abroad, allows for lifelong fans. Rodd & Gunn takes certain characteristics from nature and includes them into the brand itself. Such as using denims, cottons and wools, resulting in materials that will be durable for your everyday wear. All of their woven fabrics are sourced from the finest mills in Europe.    

Handcrafted Products


Their shirts are beautifully crafted, with fabrics mainly from Italy. While their knitwear is conventionally sourced from Australian and New Zealand Merino Wools that are locally spun in Italy and Austria. Their pants are known for being able to fit the average man creating comfort.

Each season over 300 styles and color options are created, ready to go out to their loyal customers.

They also create a great accessory collection that includes high-end leather luggage, which is from the finest Italian hides. These are being created by a Hungarian family that has 80 years of experience in the business of leather. Along with their leather goods Rodd & Gunn also produce hats, socks and belts that coordinate perfectly with their clothing.

Rodd & Gunn describes their brand in four simple words “ Relaxed, Authentic, Natural Quality”, with grounded values such as these you can simply not go wrong with this brand.

Business savvy

Rodd & Gunn has created a following in the United States with their collection being sold by top retailers as well as independent store and online outlets. The USA is a highly competitive market when it comes to fashion. Rodd & Gunn’s business savvy includes testing their styles domestically before launching abroad, a strategic advantage made possible by New Zealand's opposite climate in the southern hemisphere.  All of Rodd & Gunn's products comes from an in house design team, and are truly unique to their brand.


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