Tailored Clothing - Price Range

Custom Suit Fabrics


The price for a made to measure 2-piece suit starts at $855. Most standard fabrics will range from $925 - $1,245. An excellent quality wool will be about $1,245 for a 2-piece suit. Reda mill cloth is $1,355 and Drago Lanificio in Biella mill 160's cloth is $1,535.  Our pricing and turnaround time is for half-canvas construction -- full canvas construction is available. Hand-stitched detailing is also available.

  2-Piece Suit 3-Piece Suit
Price Range $855 - $1,735 $995 - $2,085


Sport Coats

Sport Coat - A sport coat or blazer will range from $695 - $985, and some premium fabric ranges will go up to $1,060. A standard wool cloth sport coat from a mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $915.

  Sport Coat
Price Range $695 - $1,375


Vests and Separates

A separate vest order will range from $195 - $375, and separate pants will range from $215 - $395.



Custom Shirt Fabrics



A made-to-measure custom shirt will range $165 to $245 for most dress shirting fabric folders.  Dress shirts have many customization options including the buttons, collar style, placket style, pockets, cuff style, darts, pleats, and more.

There are many shirting folders and collections to choose from for both dress shirts and casual shirts.


Price Range $165 - $245