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Custom Suit Fabrics

suit fabrics

The price for a made to measure 2-piece suit starts at $845. Most fabrics will range from $900 - $1,400, while premium fabrics such as Drago Lanificio in Biella mill cloth may go up to $2,600. A standard high quality wool from a great cloth mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $1,100 for a 2-piece. 

Sport Coat - A sport coat or blazer will range from $645 - $985, and some premium fabric ranges will go up to $1,060. A standard wool cloth sport coat from a mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $745.

A separate vest order will range from $195 - $385, and separate pants and jeans will range from $215 - $335.

There are many folders and fabric collections to choose from, below we have provided just a few example folders:


Series 2-Piece Suit 3-Piece Suit Sport Coat
C6 Series Derby Performance Cornerstone (Click to View) $845 $1,015 $645
C6 Series Derby Performance Sport Coats (Click to View) - - $645
C9 Series Derby Performance Luxe Suitings Super 130's (Click to View) $945 $1,125 $745
K1 Series Kensington Super 120's (Click to View) $1,035 $1,250 $835
K4 Series Kensington Super 130's (Click to View) $1,085 $1,345 $885

Custom Shirt Fabrics

A dress shirt will range $165 to $275 for most dress shirting fabric folders.

There are many shirting folders and collections to choose from for both dress shirts and more casual buttoned shirts, below we have provided a few example folders:


Series Dress Shirt
D5 Series Derby Performance Shirtings (Click to View) $165
P3 Series Puro White & Blue Shirtings (Click to View) $185