Benson is a proudly Canadian lifestyle brand. Designed by a father-daughter duo, they focus on quality, style, comfort and fun. Grab a drink. Pull up a chair. Wear Benson, among friends.

When Tahsin Eltemur, a fourth-generation textile manufacturer, and Michael Ryan, a fashion powerhouse, met to grab a beer and talk about trends in the fashion industry, Benson was born. Both had a lot to offer to the conversation-Michael with 40 years of experience in sales and Tahsin with 30 years of experience in the textile industry. Their conversation led to the problem of how fashion brands had to choose between good quality fabric and reasonable prices. With the advantage of good taste, experience in sales, and a factory know-how, Michael and Tahsin found the solution: joining forces and creating the Benson brand.

Benson makes style look easy. From colors to silhouettes, we seamlessly incorporate current trends into our seasonal collections, all while preserving Benson’s signature effortless look. Functionality, comfort, and style define the Benson brand. Benson is your go-to brand for casual looks that incorporate high-quality fabrics and threads. Our style is perfect for travel, a date night, or a cozy Sunday afternoon.

A piece of clothing is only as fine as its materials. Benson believes in producing garments with the highest quality fabrics. Our clothes are tailored using premium cotton, cashmere, linen, and wool blends, giving Benson clothing its signature feel. Cozy and warm in the cold winter months, cool and breezy during the summer, Benson’s fabrics are soft to the touch all year around.

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Benson Whistler Soft French Terry Crew Neck Sweater
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