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Relwen Springtime Blues Lightweight LS Woven Shirt


We’re always big on blue (our favorite shirt color) because they tend to look great on everyone and because this color should represent 90% of every man’s closet. Besides, it goes great with military based bottoms or any contrasting element—we dig contrast because it’s a sign of knowing what you’re doing. This season’s eclectic grouping of lightweight blues goes from an alternating dobby stripe, to a white based basketweave texture w/ overlapping paler blue dobby checks, to a dark navy deco w/ off-set panes and permanently rumpled texture.

fit:  classic; tapered waist

79% cotton, 18% linen, 3% polyester, rumpled basketweave, 80 gsm

2 3/4" classic buttondown collar w/ added reinforcement behind smaller 14L shell buttons

natural mother of pearl shell buttons, single open patch chest pocket

single needle clean finish construction throughout

care:  machine wash cold; air dry only

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