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Glovely Solid Knit Touch Screen Gloves


Warm, colorful, wool-blend gloves that work with your touchscreen but look like they don't. Breakthrough Invisitouch technology means warm, stylish gloves in vibrant solid colors without any distractions.


We hate ugly gloves, and most touchscreen gloves are incredibly ugly. To design the perfect touchscreen glove, we took away everything superfluous and were left with pure, essential style and function.

Glove.ly Solid are regular, solid, colorful gloves that just work with your phone, invisibly. Invisitouch fabric concealed in the entire glove allows use of the entire hand to use your phone without using any ugly metal pads, cut-off fingers, or even silver threading. The soft wool-blend material keeps you warm while you use your phone in style.

  • Premium Wool
  • Full finger gloves
  • Magnetic connectors

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