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Suits & Separates

Seattle Thread Company has both Stock Service and Made-to-Measure options for suits and sport coats with Jack Victor and S. Cohen - both are made in Canada and both use the best available Italian milled fabrics.  We also have custom shirt and pants options with Gitman Shirts, Lipson Shirtmakers, and Jack Victor.  For shoes and belts, aside from our in-store offerings we have catalogs for you to review and can do custom orders.  While we have a great selection of sport coats in our shop ready to purchase off the rack, our focus is on providing garments that match your desired style and fit perfectly.  We also have on-site tailoring if alterations are needed.


Stock Service

Stock items are usually already cut & sewn and warehoused by the manufacturer and can be delivered to us within a week of the order.  Stock service means that you can choose from many available fabrics and styles and order a standard size such as a 40 Regular or a 44 Tall sport coat.  



Made-to-measure means that we take your measurements and you can choose from many options for a suit or sport coat such as the fabric, style, lining, stitching, surgeon's cuffs, and buttons.  The pattern for the garment is then cut based on your measurements and the garment is created for you and delivered to us in 2-3 weeks.


Price is determined by the fabric, style, construction and options selected.  Below are our price ranges for S.Cohen and Jack Victor.


  Stock Service  Made-to-Measure
Suit $580 - 870 $745 - 1235
Sport Coat / Jacket $425 - 675 $550 - 950
Pants $155 - 195 $195 - 285
Vest $155 - 195 $195 - 265




  Stock Service
Suit $695 - 985
Sport Coat / Jacket $465 - 685
Pants $155 - 215