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Custom Suit Fabrics

The price for a made to measure 2-piece suit starts at $845. Most fabrics will range from $925 - $1,400, while premium fabrics such as Drago Lanificio in Biella mill cloth may go up to $2,600. A standard high quality wool from a great cloth mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $1,100 for a 2-piece suit. 

Sport Coat - A sport coat or blazer will range from $715 - $985, and some premium fabric ranges will go up to $1,060. A standard wool cloth sport coat from a mill such as Kensington or Reda will be about $915.

A separate vest order will range from $195 - $385, and separate pants and jeans will range from $215 - $335.

There are many folders and fabric collections to choose from, below we have provided just a few example folders:


Series 2-Piece Suit 3-Piece Suit Sport Coat
E3 Series Cambridge Four Seasons Super 120's Suitings (Click to View) $945 $1,125 $745
C8 Series Derby Performance Suiting Super 130's Stretch (Click to View) $925 $1,120 $735
C6 Series Derby Corinthian Sport Coats (Click to View) - - $795
C9 Series Derby Performance Luxe Suitings Super 130's (Click to View) $945 $1,125 $745
K4 Series Kensington Super 130's (Click to View) $1,085 $1,345 $885
Z4 Series Reda Maior Luxury Suiting Super 150's (Click to View) $1,525 $1,880 $1,060

Custom Shirt Fabrics

A made-to-measure custom shirt will range $165 to $275 for most dress shirting fabric folders.  Dress shirts have many customization options including the buttons, collar style, placket style, pockets, cuff style, darts, pleats, and more.

There are many shirting folders and collections to choose from for both dress shirts and more casual buttoned shirts, below we have provided a few example folders:


Series Dress Shirt
N3 Series Norwich TravelEase Easy Care Cotton (Click to View) $165
N5, N7, N8, N9 Series Stoffa Luxury Shirting (Click to View) $190, $205, $225, $245