To understand SeaVees, you just have to come visit us in Santa Barbara. On any given day, kids are chasing dogs or vice-versa as we live by the ideals that inspire our shoe designs. The overwhelming sense of optimism from the 1960s is contagious on Ortega Street. With the bond of a secret club, our tight-knit crew is willingly, relentlessly working for shoes. Everyday of the week. Sundays are Fridays, Saturdays are Wednesdays. It’s all a blur— like the blurred lines separating friends from family, co-workers from besties. As you pull up to their garage doors and feel the ocean breeze throughout the office, there’s a search for discovery. A curiosity to push beyond our own limits to capture and build from one of the most inspiring eras of American history. At our core we foster authenticity— in each other, our shoes, and most importantly, in our own lives. It’s quite a place here. There is no yearning for something else. No need to escape on vacation. You see, we have come from all over the Golden State — as well as Ohio, Colorado, Oklahoma — to live here, on their own terms. To make a fresh start. To explore the potential of how it should.

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